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20 Change Management Visionaries You Need to Know


I feel that Change Management visionaries just don’t get enough credit or all the amazing work they do helping organizations to manage change – conducting research, writing books, running consultancies, providing training and developing new innovative tools and techniques for managing change. I have compiled this list of people who have inspired me to continue to grow and develop as a change management consultant, some of whom I’m lucky enough to know and others I hope to know one day. Some of the people below you might have heard of and others maybe not, but they all have similar qualities in common including success, drive and passion in the field of Change Management.

My advice? – Get to know their work, check out their books, blogs, websites, connect on social media and learn as much as you can from some of the greatest change management visionaries of our time.
In alphabetical order…

1 and 2. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson – Being First Inc 


 Dean and Linda are co-founders of Being First, Inc., a consulting, training and publishing firm specializing in change leadership development and transformational change for Fortune 1000 businesses, government, the military and large not-for-profit organizations. Dean and Linda speak about leading conscious transformation at organizations and conferences around the world. They co-wrote two best-selling books, Beyond Change Management and The Change Leader’s Roadmap, co-created The Change Leader’s Roadmap online methodology, and have published over fifty articles.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @beingfirst and Dean Anderson on Linkedin and Linda Ackerman Anderson on LinkedIn

Beth Banks Cohn – ADRA Change Architects


Beth Banks Cohn, PhD is the founder and president of Adra Change Architects, a consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full business potential. For the better part of the last two decades, Beth worked for Johnson & Johnson and consulted domestically and internationally with a wide range of disciplines; sales and marketing, information technology, human resources and manufacturing. In her consulting practice she continues this work and consults to a wide range of businesses including pharmaceutical, software,and retail.  Beth is a recognized expert in change management and leadership as well as corporate culture.

Collaborate online:  Twitter: @BethBanksCohn and Linkedin

Marcella Bremer – OCAI Online


Marcella founded OCAI Online with Marcel Lamers. OCAI Online offers the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) developed by Cameron & Quinn online. It’s free for individual respondents so try it at OCAI Online. Marcella is author of Organizational Culture Change: Unleasing your organization’s potential in circles of 10

Collaborate online: Twitter @MarcellaBremer and LinkedIn

Daryl Conner – Conner Partners


Daryl Conner is chairman of Conner Partners, an Atlanta-based consulting firm that specializes in transformation implementation. He is an internationally recognized leader in organizational change and serves as an advisor and mentor to senior executives around the globe. He has authored two books Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos and more than 250 publications, including journal and magazine articles, monographs, book chapters, and videos,

Collaborate online: Twitter: @changethinking, @ConnerPartners and LinkedIn

John Crawford – Crawford Consulting


John is Founder of Crawford Consulting which specialises in Change Management. He is an authoritative professional in change management, directing and managing major business change programmes on a global basis as a practitioner and consultant and has delivered complex solutions and solved organisational issues. He is the author of Change for Excellence: Operational Excellence for Management of Change and Change Management.

Collaborate online: Linkedin

Tim Creasey - Change Management Learning Center


Tim leads the Prosci change management research and development. He conducts best practices research in change management and develop holistic, easy-to-use and research-based models and tools for managing the people-side of change. He was lead analyst and editor of Prosci’s 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 and 2003 Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking study. He has also designed and facilitated over 300 change management webinars, authored numerous tutorials and whitepapers, as well as the book Change Management: The people side of change.

Collaborate Online: Twitter@timcreasey and LinkedIn

Dr Rodger Dean Duncan, PhD – Duncan Worldwide


Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan founded Duncan Worldwide in 1972 to serve the needs of organizations seeking to boost performance. A highly-sought-after speaker, trainer, and executive coach, Rodger is widely known for his expertise in the strategic management of change – for individuals as well as for organizations. Rodger is author of the book Change-Friendly Leadership: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @DoctorDuncan LinkedIn

Phil Eastman – Leadership Advisors Group


Phil Eastman combines more than 30 years of leadership experience with his passion developing leaders, building teams, and enhancing performance. He is the founder of  Leadership Advisors Group and  is the author of The Character of Leadership: An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age. The book explores the relationship between character and leadership and makes a case for the active development of character to enhance leadership ability. Phil is also a Master Instructor for Prosci’s Change Management Learning Center.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @phileastman and LinkedIn

Jen Frahm – Conversations of Change


Jennifer Frahm (PhD Mgt) is the founder of Conversations of Change and an experienced change management practitioner, communications professional and executive coach. With a deep understanding of communication, change management and human behaviour, Jennifer combines a range of skills to help companies bring about lasting change in their organisations. Apart from consulting and contracting she runs “Conversations of Change Retreats” and offer “e-Change Agent” Coaching packages globally.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @jenfrahm and LinkedIn

Jeff Hiatt - Change Management Learning Center


As CEO of Prosci Research, a company that is the worldwide leader in change management research, Jeff founded the Change Management Learning Center (www.change-management.com) and has led change management benchmarking projects with over 2000 companies in 65 countries. He is a recognized author and thought leader in the field of change management. The author of several books on managing the human side of change, Hiatt’s titles include: ADKAR: A Model For Change In Business, Government And Our CommunityChange Management: The People Side of Change (co-author); The Perfect ChangeThe Employee’s Survival Guide to Change; and Winning with Quality (co-author).

Lisa Jackson – Corporate Culture Pros


Lisa Jackson is founder and President of Corporate Culture Pros, as well as an author and speaker on the subject of “Why Culture Matters.” She has 20 years’ experience helping leaders and teams create energized, high performing workplaces.  Lisa specializes in assessing culture’s link to results, teaching culture habits that bring out the best in people, and training/coaching leaders precisely how to foster teams that ROCK. Lisa is author of 2 books “Transforming Corporate Culture: 9 Natural Truths for Being Fit to Compete” and “Culture Builder Toolkit – A Guidebook for Measuring and Aligning Culture to Strategy.”

Collaborate online: Twitter: @corporatecultur and LinkedIn

Corrina Jorgensen – Afiniti


Corrina is Managing Director and Business Change Director of Afiniti which is a ‘niche’ consultancy specialising in the people agenda of business change. Her passion is in change management, using creative and innovative ways in which to engage and actively connect with the audience, in her role as Business Change Director. Corrina has held Board level appointments for the past 15 years and is now with her third company with the same investors.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @c__jorgensen and  LinkedIn

John Kotter – Kotter International


Regarded by many as the authority on leadership and change, John P. Kotter is a New York Times best-selling author, award winning business and management thought leader, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and Harvard Professor. His ideas, books, speeches, and company, KotterInternational, have helped mobilize people around the world to better lead organizations, and their own lives, in an era of increasingly rapid change. Kotter has authored 18 books to date – twelve of them bestsellers. Arguably his most popular book, Our Iceberg is Melting, was released in 2006. This New York Times bestseller helped launch to a large audience the 8-step philosophy behind Kotter International.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @KotterIntl and LinkedIn

Jeanenne La Marsh – LaMarsh Global


Jeanenne LaMarsh is Director of Consulting at LaMarsh Global. She works in a consultative capacity with organizations committed to effective organizational change. She is internationally recognized as an expert in helping companies to implement successful change. Jeanenne works with senior management, key change agents, and people who need to change; helping them to understand change and build effective change management strategies.  Jeanenne founded LaMarsh in 1979 as a firm that addresses the human factors that support successful change and is the author of Changing the Way we Change and co author with Rebecca Potts of Maximise Change, Maximise Success.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @jmlamarsh and LinkedIn

Rick Rothermel - LaMarsh Global

Rick Rothermel

Rick is La Marsh Global CEO and Director of Consulting. LaMarsh Global has been a change management pioneer and thought leader for more than 35 years. They focus solely on providing strategic and tactical change management consulting, learning, certification and executive coaching services to our clients using our proven Managed Change™ methodology. Rick is also on The Board of Directors for The Association of Change Management Professionals.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @lamarshglobal and LinkedIn

Gail Severini – Symphini


Gail is a Principal, a founder of the Symphini vision and CEO.  She is a relentless advocate for managed progress, both strategic and tactical, and for mastery of change management. In recognition of the acceleration of both internal and external change impacting clients, Gail leverages her career experiences and collaborates with the Symphini team in developing best practices around change management. She also writes a blog - Change Whisperer Blog.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @gailseverini and  LinkedIn

Roland Sullivan – Sullivan Transformation Agents



Roland Sullivan who has been named as one of the original 100 change agents, he has led change efforts with over 1,000 organizations in 30 countries and he has written and contributed to multiple organizational development books. His company is Sullivan Transformation Agents and he developed the whole systems transformation programme.

Collaborate online: Twitter: @ChangeAgent100 and  Linkedin

Bill Synott – Bill Synott and Associates


Bill is the Managing Director of Bill Synott and Associates which is a well respected Australian change management consulting firm, we have helped around 600 clients world-wide in their change transformations, endeavours and initiatives. They consult in organisational change management, strategy and implementation, change management training and facilitation, executive coaching, team development, creative thinking and organisational reviews.

Collanorate online: Twitter:@bsynott and  Linkedin 

Rick Torben – Rick Torben



Rick is an experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and turn-around. He has worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and button line growth. The main drivers have been marketing and sales efficiency, improved customer and employee satisfaction, customer service, product management, cross functional business improvements and culture change. Check out is excellent blog: http://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/

Collaborate online: Twitter:@torbenrick  and LinkedIn

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  1. Jennifer Frahm

    Emma – thank you so much. This is truly humbling to be included in this group. You mention passion and drive in change management — online interactions and connections can be such a nourishing part of that. There is no vision without community to engage with and explore the possibilities – thank you for enriching that aspect.

    1. Isabella Lipinski

      Glad to see you on the list Jennifer with a collection of most esteemed fellow change visionaries

  2. Nagananda Kumar

    Congratulations all!

  3. Khaled Almobarak

    Hi Emma,
    Great job, I enjoyed very much reading this, it is excellent list.
    Thank you for the work you have done.
    Khaled ALmobarak

  4. Jim Markowsky

    Congratulations to all. I have collaborated with several of you over the years and am pleased to see you getting this well-deserved recognition!

  5. Phil Eastman


    Thank you for including me in your list of change visionaries. . Leading the human aspects of change is one of the most challenging and gratifying undertakings of any leader. Together with the others you listed I think we are making substantial progress in helping leaders engage and lead change effectively.

  6. Faith Fuqua-Purvis

    Great list. I would only add an updated that Gail Severini is now with Conner Partners. The rest of her description was spot on.

  7. Corrina

    I’m very humbled to be included on this list, thank you Emma. This is also a great contribution to connecting more of us in the change management community.

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